Utilize “Oizumi Town Vacant House Bank”

The Oizumi Town Vacant House Bank is a system in which owners of vacant houses, etc. in Oizumi Town register and publish their information on vacant houses, etc., and introduce them to users who want to buy or rent vacant houses, etc.
The information on the properties can be viewed through the National Vacant Houses and Land Bank website.


Aiming of effectively utilizing vacant houses, etc., reducing the number of unmanageable houses, etc., encouraging people to move in and settle down, and revitalizing the community. 

Structure of Vacant House Bank

For more information on how the vacant house bank works, please refer to the following handbills.  

For people who want to buy or rent a vacant house, etc. 

How to utilize

  1. Please check the property information registered in the vacant house bank.
  2. When you find a vacant house or other property you are interested in, please contact the person in charge directly to sign a contract for the property.
Points to note when uutilizing the system
  • The town will only provide information on vacant houses, etc., and will not conduct any negotiation or contract for sale, purchase, or lease.
  • Brokerage services for the sale, purchase, and lease of vacant houses, etc., are requested to the business operator in charge, who is a real estate agent belonging to the association with which the agreement is concluded.
  • When a contract is concluded, a fee as stipulated in the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law will be required.

For people who want to sell or rent their vacant houses, etc. 

If you have a vacant house or lot in town and would like to sell or rent it, please contact the urban development division at the town hall.  

Contact Information

Urban Development Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111
Counter: The 14th counter on the 2nd floor of the town hall