Support for Ukraine by Oizumi Town

Russia is currently invading Ukraine, civilian casualties including many children are being reported, and countries and companies around the world have expressed their support for the country.

Although Oizumi Town suffered tremendous air raids during World War II, the town overcame the ravages of war and became one of the leading industrial towns in the prefecture.

From this history, we declared a Peace City in April 2017 in order to achieve permanent peace together with people who wish for peace. 

Furthermore, Oizumi Town has about 20% of foreign residents, which is one of the highest rates in Japan, so we have decided to accept Ukrainian refugees in accordance with the national government policy.

What we can support for them is to provide free housing (town-owned housing), food, our know-how in accepting many foreigners, etc. 

Since about 70% of our town’s foreign residents are permanent residents and have lived here for more than 10 years, we believe that this town is a comfortable place for them to live, so we hope to take this advantage and accept many refugees at this time.

We would like to act with the kindness and compassion of the people of Oizumi.

March 2022

Murayama Toshiaki, Mayor of Oizumi Town