Let’s clean up Tone riverbed together!

July is River Protection Month.
In Oizumi Town, Tone river cleanup activity  (empty cans and trash picking) will be held at Tone riverbed.
We look forward to your participation and cooperation.

Date and Time: 

July 3rd, 2022 (Sun.)  from 8:00am (It will be cancelled if it rains)

Meeting Location: 

Tone Undojo- Soccer-jo(Oizumi machi Sengoku 1565-3)

What to wear and bring:

For your safety, please wear long pants and rain boots (not to wear sandals). Also, please bring a hat and a towel as strong sunlight and high temperatures are expected. 
Work gloves and garbage bags will be provided by the town.

Contact details

Public Works Management Division, Urban Construction Department 
Contact Counter:Counter No.12, 2nd Floor, Town Hall