Temporary Service Desk for Individual Card (My Number Card) Issuance on Holidays

A temporary service desk for Individual Card (My Number Card) issuance will be opened on holidays for those who have applied for Individual Card (My Number Card) and have received a notice of issuance.  Please use this service if you are unable to come to the Town Hall on weekdays due to work or other reasons.
For the use of this service, an advance reservation is required.

Date and Time

  • Date:  January 22nd, (Sunday), 2023  ・ January 29th (Sunday), 2023
  • Time:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (reception closes at 4:00 p.m.)  
  • Location: Resident Affairs Division, Oizumi Town Hall

How to make a reservation 

Since there is a limit to the number of reservations, you may not be able to make a reservation for your preferred date and time depending on availability.   We appreciate your understanding in that case.

Please make a reservation with the number (3-6 digits) shown above the QR code on the address side of the issuance notification (postcard) sent from the Town Hall.

You must be present in person to receive your card. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a person with parental authority.    Please note that proxy will not be accepted.

Online Reservation

The service is available 24 hours a day (except for maintenance hours).
However, only the person himself/herself can receive the card.


  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to receive your Individual Card (My Number Card).
  • Reservation will be cancelled after the reserved time has passed.
  • No reservations other than for the receipt of Individual Card (My Number Card) (e.g., renewal of electronic certificates) can be made.


Resident Affairs Division, Resident & Economic Affairs Department
Telephone : 0276-63-3111
Counter location: Counter No. 1 on the 1st floor of the Town Hall