Reservation Service for My Number Card Procedures Waiting List

For My Number Card related procedures, we will start a service that you can make a reservation in advance to wait for your turn on the waiting list from your smartphone, etc., without coming to the Resident Affairs Division counter.   
However, please note that there are some limitations on what reservations can be accepted.
Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation Service for the Waiting List 

Overview of the Services

  Accessing the dedicated reservation site from an Internet-connected smartphone or PC, you can  make an advance reservation and check the current waiting list status.
After the order is obtained, you will be notified by SMS when your turn is approaching.

Applicable Procedures

My Number Card issuance, Electronic Certificate Renewal, etc.
Available procedures will be expanded gradually.

How to make a reservation

Please read the following instructions before obtaining a number.

I have read and agree to the following
Check the box to click the button
  • The applicant must come to the office in person.
  • Please prepare either one photo or two non-photo identification documents.
  • Reservations for My Number Card application support and Myna Point setting support cannot be made through the appointment website for the time being.

Reservation page


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