Study support by the Japanese language support group “Kikyu no Kai”

 The Japanese language support group “Kikyu no Kai” provides learning support for elementary and junior high school students in Gunma Prefecture whose native language is not Japanese. Let’s enjoy learning Japanese, arithmetic and Japanese!

Profile of “Kikyu no Kai”

“Kikyu-no-kai ”is a volunteer organization established by Usui Kokusai Gakuen, a Japanese language school in Ota City. 

Experienced Japanese language instructors teach math and Japanese with fun and dedication. They also provide support for school classes and daily conversation.

Date and Time

  • Face-to-face: Every Thursday 17:00-18:50 (Arithmetic 17:00-17:50 Japanese 18:00-18:50)
  • Online: Every Friday 19:00-20:50 (Arithmetic 19:00-19:50 Japanese 20:00-20:50)


Elementary school students whose native language is not Japanese


Free of charge


Contact Usui Kokusai Gakuen by phone or on line on the flyer.


Usui Kokusai Gakuen, Ota Head Office
44-5 Nishihonmachi, Ota-shi, Ota 373-0033
Phone number: 0276-55-2188