May is designated as ”Consumer Awareness Month”

May of each year is designated as “Consumer Awareness Month,” during which nationwide educational and awareness programs on consumer issues are intensively conducted.

Consumer Affairs Center 

Knowing about examples of malicious tactics and other cases, as well as contact information for consultation, will help you protect yourself from consumer troubles. If you feel something is wrong, do not worry alone, but consult with the Consumer Affairs Center.
Consultations are free of charge and confidentiality is strictly observed.


Postal Code : 370-0595
Address: Oizumi Town Hall 1F, 55-1 Hinode, Oizumi Town

Telephone number


Consultation Hours

Monday through Friday, 9:00 ~ 16:00 (except National holidays and Year-end and New Year holidays)


Residents of Oizumi-machi and Chiyoda-machi