Oizumi Machi Premium Gift Certificate will be sold

Oizumi Town will sell the “Oizumi-machi Premium Gift Certificate” in cooperation with the Oizumi Town Society of Commerce and Industry, in order to revitalize the local economy, and to provide household assistance to consumers affected by price hikes.  The “Oizumi-machi Premium Gift Certificate” is a voucher that allows you to buy things worth 7,500 yen with 5,000 yen.

Oizumi-machi Premium Gift Certificate

Selling price

5,000 yen per set(Premium rate: 50%)
You can buy up to 3 sets per person.

Set Contents

500 yen ticket × 15 tickets (7,500 yen worth)

Breakdown of a set of gift certificates
  • A ticket
    Five 500-yen gift certificates(Large stores + General stores + Restaurants)
  • B ticket
    Seven 500-yen gift certificates(General stores + Restaurants)
  • C ticket
    Three 500-yen gift certificates(Restaurants)

You can use all kinds of tickets (A, B and C) at restaurants.


16,000 sets

Effective period

From Saturday, September 30, 2023 to Thursday, February 29, 2024

Stores Accepting the Gift Certificates

The list of stores that have been registered as those accepting the gift certificates is posted on the Oizumi Town Society of Commerce and Industry website.

Application for purchase of the gift certificates


Town Residents

Application Method

Please apply by one of the following methods: postcard or input form on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry website.

Application by postcard

Please mail all of the following 1 through 4 to the Town’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  1. Applicant’s full name and Furigana
  2. Postal code and address
  3. Phone number where you can be reached
  4. Number of sets you wish to purchase (up to 3 sets per person)

Mail to: Oizumi-machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Premium Gift Certificate
             2467 Yoshida, Oizumi Town, 370-0523, Japan

Application through the Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry website entry form

Please apply using the input form (in Japanese) on the website of the Town’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Application deadline

 August 10th (Thu.), 2023 (Must be postmarked on or before the deadline day)


  • Please apply for one person per submission on the website and per postcard.
  • If there is an application for more than 16,000 sets, buyers will be chosen by lottery.
  • Please note that incorrectly filled out application forms or omitted information on the postcard may invalidate your application
  • Please be careful not to make mistakes on the postcard.
  • If the number of purchase is not indicated, you will apply for one set.
  • For either entry method, we will send you the winning results by postcard.

Registration of the stores

For the store registration, please contact the Oizumi Town Society of Commerce and Industry

Registration Deadline

The registration will be closed on  August 21 (Monday), 2023

Contact Information

Economic Promotion Division, Resident & Economic Affairs Department
Phone number:0276-63-3111
Window location: Window No. 3 on the 1st floor of the Town hall