Training Course for Bunka no Tsuyaku “Yukata (Summer Kimono) wearing work shop & Japanese Culture/Manners” was held

A cultural interpreter training course “Yukata Wearing and Japanese Culture and Manners” was held on July 14 (Friday), 2023.

In this course, we invited members of the Hanabi-no-Kai as instructors and had a experience of dressing Yukata.

The 17 foreigners who participated in the program were able to choose a Yukata of their favorite pattern and color and, although puzzled, were able to put on their own Yukata with the help of the instructor.

After changing, everyone enjoyed themselves in Yukata and took commemorative photos.

Since this is the time of year when we will have more opportunities to wear Yukata, we hope that you will wear Yukata to festivals and fireworks displays and enjoy the Japanese summer.