Donations for the June/July 2023 Heavy Rain Disaster

Heavy rains on June 30 and July 7 caused extensive damage in various areas.
We are accepting donations and setting up donation boxes for the purpose of assisting those affected by this disaster.
Donations received will be distributed to the victims through the Japanese Red Cross Society. If you need a receipt, please go directly to the Town Council of Social Welfare office

Donation Boxes Location

Town Hall (55-1 Hinode, Oizumi Town)
Oizumi-machi Council of Social Welfare (2465 Yoshida, Oizumi Town)

Reception Location

Oizumi-machi Social Welfare Council  (Japanese Red Cross Society, Gunma branch, Oizumi-machi Sub-district) 

Reception period

December 29 (Friday), 2023 Yamaguchi Pref.
March 29 (Friday), 2024 Fukuoka, Saga, Oita, Shimane, Akita, Toyama


Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department
Phone number: 0276-62-2121 
Counter location: Counter No. 3, Health & Welfare General Center