【Recruitment of participants】We hold “Foreigner support volunteer training course at disaster”

In preparation for a major disaster, the prefecture will provide training courses for volunteers to support foreigners using “languages” such as translation and interpretation.
If you are interested in foreign support or disaster prevention in the event of a disaster, please join us.


1  Date and Time

※It’s a two-day course. Please join us on both days.

  • Day 1,  November 11 (Saturday), 2023   13:00 – 16:30
  • Day 2,  November 18 (Saturday), 2023   10:30 – 16:00

2  Venue

※The venues are adjacent to each other

  • Ota City Torinogo Administration Center, Training Room (203, Niino-cho, Ota-shi)
  • Ota City Josai Elementary School, Gymnasium (127 Niino-cyo, Ota-shi)

3  Participation fee


4  Program

【Day 1】

 <Lecture> Multicultural Symbiosis and Disaster Prevention in Gunma Prefecture
 <Lecture/Workshop> Support for Foreigners at disaster  (1)

【Day 2】

<Lecture> Support for Foreigners at disaster  (2)
<Workshop> Evacuation site go around training

5 Capacity

20 people (first come, first served)
※If the capacity is reached, those who participate for the first time will be given priority.

6 Eligibility

People who can speak daily life  in Japanese and other languages

7 How to apply 

Application from the Gunma Electronic Application System

Access the “Gunma Electronic Application System” from the link below, enter the necessary information, and apply.