Subsidize the cost of influenza vaccination for children

The town will subsidize the cost of vaccinations for children for those who are in the third year of junior high school or the equivalent of the third year of high school.

Subsidize the cost of influenza vaccination for children


Persons who are registered residents of Oizumi Town on the day of vaccination and meet the following conditions (regardless of whether they are enrolled in school or not) 

  • Third grade junior high school students
  • Third grade senior high school students

Applicable Subsidy period for the vaccination 

Vaccinations received between October 1, 2023 and January 31, 2024

Subsidy amount

Up to 2,000 yen for the cost of vaccination

Number of subsidies

1 time

Application deadline

March 29, 2024

Required documents

  1. Vaccination subsidy grant application and requestCounter No.1 ​_ form (not required for on line application)
  2. Receipt of vaccination (Type of vaccination, name, date of vaccination, cost, name of medical institution, etc. to be indicated.)

Application Method

Apply directly to the Health Promotion Division or on the official LINE account.



Health Promotion Section, Health & Welfare Department
Counter Location : Health & Welfare General Center, Counter No.1