Oizumi-machi Official Mascot Character, “IZUMIO~”

“IZUMIO~” has been elected as Oizumi-machi Official Mascot Character 


“IZUMIO~” , a fairy living in the Izumi.
One fine, clear-air morning, the morning dew from the trees bathed in the sun’s rays and took on the form of this fairy.

The way it speaks, its endings are elongated such as “○○ dayo ~” and “○○ dane ~” ,  and his relaxed manner may even relax us….

  • Age…I never counted my age. How old am I ?
  • My birthday… December 30th, dayo ~.
  • Charm points… my prized “horn” and “hoop”, dayo ~ . I can take these off ~.
  • Hobby…jumping rope with the hoop, dayo ~. My horn get stuck, but I jump as hard as I can ~.

Use of the Design

IZUMIO 〜’s design data is available free of charge.  Application is required for use.
Application forms can be downloaded from the website of Oizumi-machi.
For more information, please contact the Planning and Strategy Division of Oizumi-machi.


Strategic Planning Division, Planning Department
Counter Location:Counter No.17,  2nd floor of the Town hall