Questionnaire on support for children and childcare

The town has formulated the “The third Oizumi-machi Child and Child Rearing Support Project Plan” for the period from FY2025 to FY2029, and will systematically implement childcare support services. In formulating this plan, we are conducting a questionnaire survey to ascertain the “estimated amount” to be secured, the “current status of use” and “desired future use”. If you receive a survey form, we would appreciate your cooperation in answering it.

The survey subject

  • Parents with preschool children: 1,500 people
  • Parents with children of elementary school age: 500 people

Method for extracting a target person

Random sampling

Method of Questionnaire

Unsigned questionnaire distributed and collected by mail

Response deadline

February 29th (Thursday), 2024


Children Affairs Division, Education Department
Telephone number: 0276-63-3111
Counter location: Counter No. 24 on the 3rd floor of the Town Hall