Looking for stores to appear in a short video promoting Oizumi Town

Following the “Oizumi Town PR Video 2023” created in FY2023, we are looking for stores to appear in a new short video created for the purpose of raising awareness of the town and revitalizing local stores and restaurants.
Let’s make the town lively together with your specialty products.

The “Oizumi Town PR Video 2023” can be viewed on the town’s official YouTube channel.

YouTube Short Video Call for Entries

Filming Details

Video introducing stores and their products, etc., highlighting stores and restaurants in the town.     (To be posted on YouTube short. (Maximum 1 minute)

Number of stores accepted

12 stores (first-come-first-served basis)

Application deadline

June 28 (Friday), 2024.  However, if the number of applications reaches the accepting number, the applications will be closed even before the deadline.

Conditions of Participation

  • Must have a shop/restaurant in the town and offer their own products.
  • Must be able to provide products for the shoot
  • Must be able to make arrangements to participate in the filming, which is scheduled to take place mainly on weekdays.
  • The applicant, the representative, and other members of the group must not be a member of a crime syndicate or have a socially reprehensible relationship with a member of a crime syndicate.

Filming Date

The schedule will be arranged after receiving your application.

How to apply

Please fill out the designated application form or the optional form and apply in person, by mail, fax, or online. When applying with the optional form, please be sure to fill out the following information.
(For the appeal points, please feel free to describe the appeal points of the store or product.) 

  1. Store Name
  2. Store Location
  3. Store business days, hours, etc.
  4. Contact person’s phone number
  5. Contact person’s e-mail address
  6. Name of product to be photographed
  7. Appeal point

Contact for inquiries and applications

Strategic Planning Division, Planning Department 
Phone number: 0276-63-3111 (ext.272)
Fax: 0276-63-3921
Counter location: Counter No. 17 on the 2nd floor of the Town hall

For online application, please use the following form.


Personal information provided in the application process will be used solely for this project.
Oizumi Town will own the copyrights to the video works produced as a result of this competition.

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Strategic Planning Division, Planning Department 
Phone number: 0276-63-3111 
Counter location: Counter No. 17 on the 2nd floor of the Town hall