Road Cleaning Campaign (Community Cleanup Activity) in Spring

The Road Cleaning Campaign is an activity to support road beautification by local residents.

Through the campaign, we aim to raise interest in roads, carefully maintain and preserve roads as public facilities, and ensure smooth road traffic. We ask for the cooperation of all town residents in creating “clean roads and a good living environment.

Road Cleaning Campaign in Spring


May 26 (Sunday), 2024
In case of rain, June 2 (Sunday), 2024

Major Activities

  • Cleaning of roads
  • Weeding of road edges, Picking up trash 
  • Pruning of trees overhanging the road


Four home appliance recycling items (TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators) and general household waste cannot be collected by the Road Patrol.


Public Works Management Division, Urban Construction Department
Counter Location:Counter No. 12 on the 2nd floor of the Town hall