How to call 119 (Ambulance/Fire) and 110 (Police)

When you call an ambulance due to sudden sickness, an injury, a traffic accident, or when you call fire engines due to a fire, call 119 (Fire Station) in Japan.

How to call 119 (PDF/177KB)

If it is an incident or an accident, please call the police station as well.

Important “Japanese” used when dialing 119


When it is sickness or an injury,

体の部位Who? (Darega)

What happened? (Doushitanoka)

Which part of body? (Karada no basho)

・Fire Engine (Shoubou-sha)
・Fire (Kaji)
・Fire Extinguisher (Shokaki)
・People is in the house/building. (Naka ni hito ga imasu.)

・Ambulance (Kyukyu-sha)
・Injury (Kega)
・Sickness / Illness (Byoki)
・Traffic Accident (Kotsu-Jiko)
・No consciousness (Ishiki ga nai)

Please memorize your name and address in Japanese.
Please speak your name slowly and intelligibly.