What is Oizumi Town Multicultural Cooperation Community Center?

Introduction of Oizumi Town Multicultural Community Center

We provide the right information for living in Oizumi.

To get accurate information is important for a safety, peaceful, and comfortable life.  Oizumi Town Multicultural Community Center provides various information presented by the town or local communities, and explains life, habits, and cultures in Japan intelligibly.  

We will give you the accurate information.

The center gives explanation of the system of the town such as taxes, water, the national health insurance, and etc. so that people can understand them clearly. In addition, the center gives counsel about children’s education or other topics. 

On the other hand, the center educates morals such as trash separation, trash collection rules, traffic rules, prevention of noise, and so on.  


We help for learning of Japanese.

Learning Japanese is important for living in communities. Several programs such as Japanese classes or Japanese culture classes are provided by Oizumi International Association. 

Volunteers are welcome.

The center recruits a wide range of volunteers related to multicultural cooperation activities and promotes collaborative projects.
We are looking for a wide range of people who are willing to volunteer for language classes and other collaborative multicultural activities. Of course, any nationality are welcome.  Let’s promote collaborative multicultural projects.