Health & Welfare General Center

Health & Welfare General Center provides health care for pregnant mothers, and infant visits, checkups, consultations, vaccinations for infants, and etc.

○ When you find out that you are pregnant, please receive the “Boshi Kenko Techo (Maternal and Child Health Handbook)” at Health & Welfare General Center.
This notebook will serve as a record of the mother’s health and the baby’s growth during the pregnancy.

●”Boshi Kenko Techo (Maternal and Child Health Handbook)

【Requirements for notification】
・”Ninshin Todokede Sho (Pregnancy Notification)” issued by medical institutions

○Preliminary Examination Card designated by the town is required for receiving vaccinations. 
This card is distributed at Health & Welfare General Center, or the staff will give it to you when they visit your baby after he/she was born.

○Notification of the infant health checkup will be mailed in advance to those who are eligible.

○When a baby is born, a public health nurse makes a home visit.

○Consultations on various other health issue are provided for children.

Oizumi Town Health & Welfare General Center: 62-2121