about Health Insurance

For preparation against unexpected injury or illness

Foreigners living in Japan must join either the “company insurance” or the “national health insurance”.



If you enroll in the National Health Insurance, be sure to pay the insurance tax on time.

Those who join National Health Insurance must pay the insurance tax without fail.

The National Health Insurance tax is calculated based on the income of the household (National Health Insurance subscribers) of the previous year. If you fail to pay the insurance tax, a demand notice will be sent , and then your properties may be seized. Also insurance payment may be suspended.     
Sometimes people say “I don’t want to pay the tax, because I didn’t go to the hospital,” but no matter what the reason is, the insurance tax for that period will not be exempted.  
However, for those who are unable to make the payment at once due to some reasons, we offer consultation on “payment by installments”.

What happens if I don’t join either insurance or pay the “insurance tax”?!
When you go to the doctor, you’ll have to pay a large amount of medical bill. (100 percent)

About joining the health insurance

All individuals who have an address in Japan must join a public medical insurance in principle. 
Those who are from 40 years old to 64 years old in insured persons of the national health insurance also become insured persons of the nursing care insurance automatically.