When you moved into Oizumi …

Remember a name of “Jichikai” where you reside.

There are 30 community associations called “Jichikai” in Oizumi, and “Jichikai” you belong to is decided by your address. Since each “Jichikai” has their own name, please remember the name of “Jichikai” where you reside when you moved in. 

  • Garbage collection days have been fixed for each “Jichikai“.
  • There are several activities in each “Jichikai“, so please participate in them actively.

Do you know a leader of your “Jichikai” who is called “Jichikai-cho“?

Jichikai-cho” is taking the leading role in several duties such as distributing information bulletins or news from the town hall to each family, or doing activities to keep safety and to clean up environment. So when you complete your moving-in notification procedures, please contact “Jichikai-cho” as soon as possible. By the way, membership fees called “Jichikai-hi” is collected to promote activities such as environmental beautification, crime prevention, or so on. Since an amount of “Jichikai-hi” depends upon a “Jichikai“, please ask “Jichikai-cho” about it and pay. 

Join a “Tonarigumi”.

Each “Jichikai” is divided to several small groups called “Tonarigumi” which consists of  neighbors. “Tonarigumi-cho” who is the leader of “Tonarigumi” communicates information of the town or the community to group members by “Kairanban” (circular notice) or “Tsuchi” (notice), and he/she collects “Jichikai-hi“. Since “Tonarigumi-cho” changes every year, your turn may come.