Multilingual of the area e-mail (the emergency prompt e-mail)

The Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) service, which notifies of emergency information such as disasters by loud sounds and pop-up messages, has started multilingual service since 2015.

As of September, 2016, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish are available. In addition, easy Japanese (around 1 year resident level in Japan) for other language speakers is also prepared.

Since the Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) service becomes one of important news source in the event of emergencies,  please prepare to be able to receive it at any time.

Features and Precautions

・A cost to receive the Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) is free.

・No registration of your e-mail address is required, e-mails are sent simultaneously to every mobile phone corresponding to this service in a distribution area.

・When the mobile phone is off, when there is no signal, or when you are talking, you can’t receive the e-mail.

Since there are some mobile phones that an individual setting for receiving the e-mail service is required or that is not corresponding to this service, please ask mobile phone companies for details or check the following web-site of each company. 

External link to NTT Docomo: NTTdocomo(external link)

External link to au: au(external link)

External link to Softbank Mobile: SoftBank Mobile(external link)