Primary School & Junior High School

Education in Japan

In Japan, parents are obligated to provide their children with an education for a total of nine years (six years of primary school and three years of junior high school) as one of the three major citizen’s obligations.
However, currently in Japan, parents of foreign children are not obligated to enroll their children in school, but they can enroll their children in primary and junior high schools if they wish. 

Compulsory Education System in Japan

The school year begins April 1st and ends March 31st of the following year. 
Grades are determined by age (those born between April 2nd and April 1st of the following year are in the same grade), and in principle, children enter the grade corresponding to their age.

Primary Schools and Junior High Schools in Oizumi

There are 4 municipal primary schools and 3 municipal junior high schools in Oizumi.
The school that children attend is determined by the address where they reside (school zone).

Primary Schools and Junior High Schools

Primary Schools

School Name


Phone Number /                                                          Previous Association Number

South (Minami) 2-1-1 Sengoku 62-2227
18ª~24ª, 30ª
North (Kita) 1-21-1 Shironouchi 62-2014
2ª~12ª, 25ª, 26ª, 29ª
West (Nishi) 106-1 Furukori 62-3537
East (Higashi) 3-7-1 Asahi 63-2971
1ª, 27ª, 28ª

Junior High Schools

School Name Address Phone Number /                                                          Previous Association Number
South (Minami) 2465 Yoshida 62-2053
18ª~24ª, 30ª
North (Kita) 2-24-1 Shironouchi 62-2059
1ª~12ª, 25ª ∼ 29ª
West (Nishi) 533 Yorikido 63-8505
13ª ∼ 17ª

Enrollment Procedures for the First Grade of Primary School

Explanatory Meeting on enrollment to primary school for foreign children

An explanatory meeting on enrollment to  primary school is held for guardians of foreign children who wish their children to enter a school. (September)

Health Examination for enrollment to  primary school

As a notice is sent before entering primary school, please receive the health examination on the designated date.  (October)

Acceptance of Application for School Enrollment

Children who wish to enroll in a school newly are required to apply for admission. Without this application, admission will not be possible. (Late in January)

Explanatory Meeting for admission to primary school

In February of the year that children will enter primary school, an meeting to explain how to prepare for the school admission and what to expect is held for parents and guardians. As school supplies and other items are also available for purchase, so please be sure to attend.  

Entrance Ceremony

An entrance ceremony is held at gymnasium of each primary school. Children who will enter the school and their guardians are invited to attend. 

Procedures to enter primary school or junior high school

  1. When you wish your child to enter primary school or junior high school in Japan, please visit the Educational Administration Division (Kyoiku-Kanri-ka) and explain about condition of your child. 
  2. When you visit the Educational Administration Division (Kyoiku-Kanri-ka), please bring someone who understands Japanese as much as possible. 
  3. Please visit the school in the school district of your child, and talk about his/her school enrollment.   
  4. Once your child’s admission has been accepted by the school, submit an “Shugaki Shinsei Sho (Application for School Enrollment)” to the Board of Education. 

When your child(ren) leave or change the school…

  1. First, please communicate to the school that your child will leave the school or change the school. 
  2. If your child is transferring to a school in Japan, your child’s current school will provide you with the necessary documents for the transfer, and you will need to take those documents to the municipality where your child’s new school is located.
    If your child leave the school (quit school or go to a school in your home country), you must submit “Taigaku Todoke (Notification of leaving school)” to the school.  

Children’s Houses

There are four public children’s houses in the town. 
Several programs are carried out at there, such as Parent and Child Classes, Table Tennis Classes, Unicycle Classes, or etc. In addition, as a measure for children whose guardians are out of their home, the after-school-child-care is provided for children who are from 1st grade to 3rd grade. 

Children’s House Address Phone Number
North (Kita) 3-5-23 Chuo 63-3820
West (Nishi) 4-23-1 Sakata 62-4689
South (Minami) 2-10-10 Sengoku 63-1721
East (Higashi) 3-6-1 Asahi 62-0133

・Opening Hours : 9:00AM – 5:30PM
・Closed : Sundays, National Holidays, the Year-End & New Year Holidays (from Dec. 29th to Jan. 4th)
・Eligible Children : Children who are less than 18 years old ( For infants, a guardian is required to accompany.)  

Requests from Children’s Houses

  1. Children should be picked up and dropped off by their parents.
  2. Please give us a phone number or other information that we can use to contact you properly in case something happens.