Become a “Bunka no Tsuyaku (Interpreter of culture)!

Would you register as a “Bunka no Tsuyaku (Interpreter of Culture)”?

Oizumi Town Multicultural Community Center is conducting the registration project of “Bunka no Tsuyaku (Interpreters of Culture)” who help the people who are close to them to learn about Japanese life, customs, and culture. “Bunka no Tsuyaku” is working actively at various scenes by transcending difference of nationalities and languages. 
Would you be able to register?

  • The main focus is to understand Japanese lifestyle, culture, and how to prepare for earthquakes and disasters.

Registration of a “Bunka no Tsuyaku

・Applicants are registered to the list of “Bunka no Tsuyaku“.
・A registration card is given to the registered applicants.


Bunka no Tsuyaku” will be requested to share what they have learned in the courses and the information that will be sent to them from the town with their friends and acquaintances at work and in their community.

What is the information that will be sent from the town? (Sent by e-mail mainly.)
・Information about Japanese culture and guidance of living. 
・Information on disaster prevention drills, clean-up activities, and other events that we would like foreigners to participate in. 
・Other announcements about new information at the community center, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Oizumi Town Multicultural Community Center