Information on “Gender Equality Week”

In order to create a vibrant society, it is important to realize a “gender-equal society” in which everyone, regardless of gender, can exercise their individuality and abilities while respecting each other’s human rights.  In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the town and its citizens to work together as one.

The week from June 23 to 29 every year is designated as “Gender Equality Week” to deepen understanding of gender equality through various initiatives.

Let’s think together about gender equality to realize a society where everyone can shine.

Catchphrase for 2023

“Throw away your assumptions, Respect individuality, Future for Everyone created by Everyone” (“Nakuso Omoikomi, Mamoro Kosei, Minnadetsukuru, Minnano mirai”) 

Seeking Opinions on the Promotion of Gender Equality

We have set up Opinion Boxes to solicit comments from town residents, so please feel free to share your opinions with us.  Your comments will be used as reference for future policies of the town. 

Opinion Box installation period

Until July 4  (Tuesday), 2023

Location of the Opinion Box

Town Hall, Health & Welfare General Center, Public Hall, Library, Yosen Kogyo Oizumi- machi Bunka-Mura, Gymnasium, Multi Cultural Community Center, Oizumi College of Childcare and Welfare, Toho Sangyo Izumi-no-Mori, Town’s Family Support Center, Oizumi Traffic Safety Association, Oizumi Post Office, Children’s Houses (Kita-Jidokan, Hishi-Jidokan, Minami-Jidokan, Higashi-Jidokan)

How to make a proposal

Please fill out the form near the Opinion Box (Ikenbako) and drop it in the box.
Or you can submit your opinion through the town’s website by using these forms.

Gender Equality Awareness Book Corner

In cooperation with the library, we have set up a book corner on gender equality. We look forward to your visit.

Book Corner installation period

Until July 4th (Tuesday), 2023

Location of the Book Corner

Town Library, 2nd floor (3-11-21 Chuo)


Oizumi Town Hall, Planning Department, Multicultural Cooperation Division
TEL 0276-63-3111