Notice of Pneumococcus vaccination for the Elderly

Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly became a routine vaccination in October 2014.
Until now, vaccinations have been administered to persons aged 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100, but from FY2024, vaccinations will be administered to persons aged 65.

Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly

Eligible persons from FY2024

Persons who fall into either of the following 1 or 2 and have not received a pneumococcal vaccination in the past

  1. Those who are 65 years old (those who reached their 65th birthday during the fiscal year 2023 may be vaccinated until the day before their 66th birthday. However, the preliminary checkup sheets mailed in fiscal 2023 cannot be used in fiscal 2024. If you wish to be inoculated, you must go to the Health Promotion Division for replacement procedures.)
  2. Persons aged 60 to 65 years on the day of vaccination who have impaired heart, kidney, or respiratory function, as well as immune function caused by human immunodeficiency virus.

However, those who are 66 years of age or older and have not received a pneumococcal vaccination in the past can receive a subsidy for the cost of the vaccination.

Individual Notification of Pneumococcal Vaccination for the Elderly

Starting from FY2024, the notices will be sent to those eligible for routine vaccinations in the month following their 65th birthday.


Contracted medical institutions in Gunma Prefecture and Ashikaga City

If you wish to receive the vaccination at a medical institution other than the designated one, you will need to apply for it before receiving it.
Please fill out the application form and submit it to the Health Promotion Division.
Application forms are available from the “Individual Vaccination Application Form” in the related file, and are also available at the Health Promotion Division.

List of medical facilities in Oizumi town
  • Hachiya Hospital (Tel: 0276-63-0888)
  • Abe Iin (Tel: 0276-62-5428)
  • Arai Clinic (Tel: 0276-20-1220)
  • Takagi Seikei-geka  (Tel: 0276-62-6611)
  • Tanaka Iin (Tel: 0276-62-2881)
  • Fuji Clinic (Tel: 0276-20-1971)
  • Mashimo Naika Ichoka (Tel: 0276-62-2025)
  • Mayuzumi iin (Tel: 0276-63-7800)
  • Miura iin (Tel: 0276-62-2917)
  • Mizuho Clinic (Tel: 0276-20-1122)
  • Yuzawa Iin (Tel: 0276-62-2209)

Number of vaccinations

One time


2,000 yen (payable at the counter of medical institution)

The town covers the vaccination cost of 8,000 yen, excluding the co-payment of 2,000 yen.

Those living in households on public assistance are exempt from paying the co-payment.

Personal belongings

  • The notification mailed to you (the preliminary checkup sheet for pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly and the vaccination certificate form), however, the preliminary checkup sheet mailed to you in FY2023 cannot be used in FY2024. If you wish to be inoculated, you must go to the Health Promotion Division to have the form replaced.
  • Health insurance card
  • Other items that can verify your identity


  • Those who wish to be vaccinated should call the medical institution to make an appointment in advance. The date and time of the vaccination should be decided after consultation with the medical institution.
  • If you are eligible for the vaccination, please have your medical institution fill out the vaccination certificate bound with the preliminary checkup sheet on the day of vaccination and keep it for yourself. (It is not necessary to submit the certificate to the town.)
  • If the vaccination is given within Gunma Prefecture or outside the Medical institution in Ashikaga area, the co-payment may be 2,000 yen or more.
  • Read the notice and pamphlet carefully to familiarize yourself with the need and adverse reactions.
    If you have any questions, please contact your family doctor or the Health Promotion Division of the town before receiving the vaccination.