Garbage Collection Calendar

English version of the garbage collection calendar has been prepared so that here in Oizumi Town trash can be properly sorted and recycled.  Be sure to check the trash collection days for your area, and place your trash at the designated location.

Notes when you put out your trash.

  • Put trash out by 8:30AM on the day of the designated collection days.
  • Put trash out at the designated locations of your living area.
  • Make sure the locations for burnable trash, non-burnable trash, and recyclable trash. 
  • Use transparent or translucent bags for trash.

   1. Instructions on how to properly dispose of and separate trash are attached at the bottom of this notice. Please double check the rule for trash disposal. 

      2. Garbage collection calendar for each Jichikai (Local community association) are attached below. Since garbage collecting days are different according to Jichikai, please make sure first which Jichikai you live in now.

For the Japanese version of the Garbage Collection Calendar, please refer to the following page of  「ごみ収集カレンダー(外部リンク)[in Japanese]」 , and for the Portuguese version, please refer to the Garbage Collection Calendar Portuguese Version, please refer to the following page of  「CALENDÁRIO DE COLETA DE LIXO」.

ごみ収集カレンダー(外部リンク)[in Japanese]


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