Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map (Flood Hazard Map)

Oizumi Town has made a general disaster prevention map which is called “Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map”. This map consists of the disaster prevention manual and the revised maximum scale hazard map based on the updated  datas publicized by the country and Gunma prefecture.  Please take a look at this and discuss disaster prevention at your office and/or at your home so that you can recognize the impact of disasters in your living area. In addition, please use this to check evacuation areas and to do other preparation for the unexpected.  

Please check with the map in advance what kind of situation you may have at your home, at your office, on your commuting routes or on your school routes when a disaster occurs, and prepare always for disasters.

As for the maximum scale hazard map, when unexpected rain falls, there is possibility that areas expected to no flood are flooded by situations. Please keep in your mind.

Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map is distributed at Oizumi Town Hall and Oizumi Town Multicultural Community Center, or you can down load the soft copy from this web-page as follows.

Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map (大泉町総合防災マップ )

Whole Packages (一括版)


Separate Version (分割版)

Cover Page:表紙(PDF/502KB)

Contents ・Special Warning Alert:目次・特別警報(PDF/591KB)

Evacuation Information:避難情報(PDF/475KB)

Wind and Flood Damage Measure:風水害対策(PDF/552KB)

Flood Disasters:洪水災害(PDF/414KB)

Earthquake Measures:地震対策(PDF/538KB)

Quake Map 1:揺れやすさマップ1(関東平野北西縁断層帯主部)(PDF/432KB)

Quake Map 2:揺れやすさマップ2(太田断層)(PDF/409KB)

Fire Prevention Measures:火災対策(PDF/546KB)

Disaster Prevention Measures and Check List for your Home:わが家の防災対策&チェック(PDF/480KB)

Disaster Prevention and Emergency Information Notes for your Home:わが家の「防災・緊急情報」メモ(PDF/428KB)

List of Evacuation Areas:避難所一覧(PDF/1,889KB)

Town Map:大泉町全体図(PDF/502KB)

Detail Map 1:詳細地図1(PDF/592KB)

Detail Map 2:詳細地図2(PDF/553KB)

Detail Map 3:詳細地図3(PDF/655KB)

Detail Map 4:詳細地図4(PDF/571KB)

Detail Map 5:詳細地図5(PDF/580KB)

Detail Map 6:詳細地図6(PDF/3,131KB)

Preparations & Checklist of Emergency Supplies for your Rucksack:非常時持出品の準備&チェック(PDF/525KB)